Ellen Teninty, Principal

Public Engagement

ODOT Highway 126 Fern Ridge Corridor Plan
Univ. of Oregon Physical Development Framework Plan
EWEB Riverfront Land Use
Downtown Riverfront Master Plan
Eugene City Hall Master Plan
West Eugene Wetlands Education Center Master Plan

Lincoln City Highway 101 Concept Design Workshop
City of Eugene:
Neighborhood Summit
Eugene Water and Electric Board:
Sustainability Peer Group
County Historical Society
Museum Facilities Planning
Eugene City Council:
Police Auditor Ordinance Committee
Lane Community College:
Faculty Group on New Facilities Priorities
Bureau of Land Management:
Conference on No Child Left Inside

Constituency Education
Outreach Best Practices: skill building for neighborhood leaders
Meltdown Training:  global financial crisis
City Block Training: local economic development concepts
Public Toolbox Training: tax increment financing
Better Boards and Commissions: public representation skills 

"Ellen Teninty is the most gifted of facilitators--from neighborhood-level quality of life visioning to region-wide facilitation on economic development and environmental preservation. She can promote discussion amongst widely varied cultural perspectives; engage complex economic issues; hold the challenge of political realities; and push unlikely partners to common purpose. She has shown this talent again and again--from leading communities to negotiate the difficult realities of plant closures; to helping city administrations develop budgets based on their platforms; to helping national advocacy campaigns develop the materials to build leaders on their issues from main street and immigrant America."

Kalima Rose
Senior Director, PolicyLink Post-Katrina Rebuilding

"Teninty brings a wealth of experience in working with organizations and communities across the country on a broad range of community and economic development issues. She possesses exemplary strategic planning and analytical skills and brings a unique insightful perspective to her work. Ellen exemplifies collaboration and understands the importance of communication, strategic alliances and working to bridge systems. Virtually any project would benefit from her expertise and experience."

Kurt Chilcott, President and CEO Small Business Finance
Past Chair of the Council for Urban Economic Development, the International Economic Development Council, and the National Association of Development Companies



Teninty has a long track record of designing and leading public participation on a wide range of high-impact issues, from local economic development to federal taxes. When presented with a mountain of complex material, she has a strategic gift for discerning which information is key to advance inclusive dialogue.

Ellen is nationally recognized for her work as both sophisticated and accessible to people of all backgrounds. She is known for raising both the quality of input on strategic questions and who is able to have effective voice. She brings new people into the discussion and energizes civic participation with thoughtful outreach.

The range of clients she has served includes state legislatures, national religious denominations, new immigrant groups, national public policy organizations, architecture firms, municipalities, and utilities.

She holds a degree from Harvard University in Anthropology. Ellen is a dancing machine and is often seen with her nose in a flower. View her resume.

Selected Publications


Eugene Water and Electric Board Master Plan, Public Involvement Report, June 2010
Eugene City Hall Master Plan, Public Involvement Report 2008
Lane Community College, Bond Project Criteria Development Report 2008
West Eugene Wetlands Environmental Education Center, Public Involvement Report 2007

Training Curricula
Better Boards and Commissions: public representation skills
Outreach Best Practices: skill building for neighborhood leaders
Meltdown with Vizcarra, Tso, Haas, and Raphael, 2009
Community Engagement in Equitable Development for Public Agencies, PolicyLink 2003
Community Engagement for Equitable Development for Community Based Organizations, PolicyLink 2003

Booklet Series with Vizcarra, Tso and Wenger, Greenlining Institute, 2003

  • Education: A Ticket To Healthier Life
  • A Job with Health Insurance: A Ticket To A Healthier Life
  • Transportation Choices For All: A Ticket To A Healthier Life
  • Community Ties: A Ticket To A Healthier Life

Book Chapters
Experiences with Popular Economic Education, Teaching for Change, UCLA Press, 2002.
The S& L Crisis, Ethics in the Present Tense, Friendship Press, 1991

Magazine Articles

Equal Means Journal:

  • Privatization: Look Before You Buy
  • Tax Credits: Divide & Conquer
  • Understanding Tax Policy
  • What Caused This Recession
  • It’s a Secret: (Economics Is All About Values)

Christianity & Crisis:

  • The Myths of Enterprise Zones
  • Low-Income Housing: Sparrows in Winter
  • Plundering America’s Pensions
  • A Glossary for Jobs-Talk Privatization and the Public Interest
  • Corporate Taxes: Vanishing Act
  • The Big Tax Turnaround
  • The S& L Crisis: Time to Strike Back
  • Who Pays for Leveraged Buyouts?


  • Social Security: An Alliance