Cogito Projects

From Concept to Construction:  We invite you to review the breadth of Cogito’s skills with complex community issues and our ability to produce positive results.

New Franklin Boulevard

This multi-way boulevard project in the Glenwood area of Springfield, Oregon, enables a transit-oriented redevelopment plan. One-on-one contact and communication are essential when change is anticipated to have impact on area businesses and residents. Also, understanding the latest NEPA requirements for public involvement and reporting is essential to an efficient path to funding and a completed project. Visit the website designed and managed by Cogito at The public information graphics on the website are designed by Cogito.

Albany Area Transportation Plan

Guided by ODOT, and lead by DKS Associates, the Albany Area Regional Transportation Plan (RTP) will guide transportation improvements over a 20-year period.  Cogito is guiding the public involvement, including developing the plan, website, image graphics, and strategic communications.  The RTP will consider what exists today, estimate demand, identify future options, and make recommendations for a balanced and efficient transportation system.  

Public Involvement for Lane Transit District

Cogito is involved in a variety of outreach activities for two different bus-rapid transit projects in the Eugene-Springfield area:  West Eugene EmX Engineering and Design, and the Main-McVay Transit Feasibility Study. Responsibilities include business and property owner outreach, e-news, focus groups, and street-corner outreach.

State of Oregon Transportation Options Plan  

The Oregon Department of Transportation (ODOT) is developing Oregon’s first Transportation Options Plan (TO Plan). The TO Plan is one of several statewide transportation mode and topic plans that further refine and implement the Oregon Transportation Plan’s (OTP) goals, policies, strategies, and key initiatives. The purpose of the Plan is to establish a vision and policy guidance that integrates transportation options in local, regional, and state transportation planning, programming, and investment. Cogito as part of the Nelson/Nygaard team serves as the lead for the project’s Policy Advisory Committee facilitation, plan’s public involvement and provides expertise on transportation options strategy development. 

Siuslaw Bridge Protection Project

The Oregon Department of Transportation is protecting, restoring, and improving the safety of the Historic Siuslaw Bridge on Highway 101 in Florence. Cogito is working directly with ODOT staff to develop and share information about project goals and impacts.  The project involves 2 open houses, email communications, display posters, door-to-door communications with businesses, and interface with public agencies.  Display posters include: Key Facts, Construction Footprint, History, and What to Expect


Main Street Corridor Vision Plan

The City of Springfield is engaging the community in a planning process to envision a preferred future for Main Street in Springfield between downtown and the Thurston neighborhood. Cogito is leading the public outreach through a series of citizen participation opportunities, including street-corner outreach, connecting with under-represented populations, email communications, and public meetings. The project is working closely with four other transportation-related projects, and Cogito has developed and is maintaining a collaborative website: Our Main Street.

South Willamette Street Improvement Plan

A “road diet” proposal became an emotional focal point for businesses and cyclists. It was critical to recruit and engage balanced participation to provide decision-makers with the full range of concerns and hopes. Meetings with several hundred participants remained civil and productive, and respectfully incorporated views from all users and interests. Working with the City of Eugene, this project applied the principles of Strategic Development of Informed Consent.

Brownfield Coalition Assessment Project

Currently providing public education and involvement for an EPA grant program to assist property owners, developers, and potential purchasers in returning brownfield properties to productive use.  Activities include stakeholder involvement and community meetings. Collaborated closely with prlme contractor AMEC and client to develop and manage a subcontract to conduct outreach work by Beyond Toxics. View a summary display board developed and designed by Cogito: Cleaning up Brownfields in Lane County.

Connecting People to Places in Northeast Eugene

Cogito worked with the project manager, a staff committee, and a citizen leadership team to develop a public involvement plan, write and conduct an online survey, analyze results and develop priorities for the Northeast Neighbors community organization.  Transportation was the focus, and the challenge involved honoring the City's parameters and meeting the expectation of neighborhood advocates.  Survey response was excellent: over 10% of area residents completed the survey, and all key demographics were represented.  The project will result in an action plan to implement strategies affecting land use, transportation, businesses, services and other neighborhood elements.

Highway 126 Fern Ridge Corridor Plan

The Highway 126 corridor, between Veneta and Eugene, Oregon, serves many uses, including local residents, businesses, commuters, freight haulers, cyclists and tourists visiting the coast. This project involves these stakeholders in a process of developing, evaluating and selecting a set of alternatives to improve the corridor’s safety and function. Public engagement on concerns about adjacent natural resource lands, the highway’s central role in the region’s economy, access management, and desire for multi-modal transportation requires balanced outreach and responsive communication. The final plan was enthusiastically supported by all public entities that reviewed it, including the Lane County Board of Commissioners and the Lane County ACT.  Visit the website at

Beauty & the Bridge Art Project

As Wilsonville Road interchange area converted from six lanes to eight lanes for vehicular safety and capacity improvements, bicyclists and pedestrians also benefited with better east/west crossings under I-5.  The Wilsonville City Council recognized the critical need for better community walking and bicycling connections on Wilsonville Road. With dedicated funds to improve the infrastructure, the project additionally provided Wilsonville public school students a unique civic and educational opportunity to craft a truly local work of art.  Cogito, as part of the BCB project team, developed and coordinated the project’s School Program resulting in over a thousand of Wilsonville’s elementary, middle, and high school student artists in the creation of public tiled art. To ensure that the project reflected student voices, Cogito created a Student Art Council (SAC) early in the project. The SAC served as a liaison between the project, project stakeholders, and the media.  It represented just one layer of a remarkable process that brought together city staff, council, schools, and the community in combining public art with a major infrastructure construction project. Visit the project website at

Hyacinth Street Sidewalk Project  

Lane County Public Works, in partnership with the Bethel School District, planned pedestrian infrastructure in a heavily traveled established neighborhood with no sidewalks or marked crosswalks. This forced bicyclists, pedestrians, and automobiles to share the roadway, which included on-street parking on both sides.  A robust community involvement process developed and led by Cogito supported design of the new improvements. The community’s input shaped the final design that is consistent with the character of the neighborhood and customized to address the needs of the owners of the 27 adjoining properties. Cogito facilitated the collaboration of Eugene Friends of Trees, a non-profit organization, to coordinate the planting of 41 trees along the new sidewalk.  For more information, visit the Lane County website.

Lincoln City Highway 101 Design Concept Workshop

As the Oregon Department of Transportation on-call public involvement consultant, Cogito designed and facilitated three important workshops to resolve long-term design challenges for Highway 101 through Lincoln City.  

University of Oregon Physical Development Framework Plan

The University of Oregon worked with our consultant team, led by Lorig Associates, to develop a Physical Development Framework Plan for two properties on the edge of the University of Oregon campus. Cogito managed the Public Involvement, including work with the adjacent neighborhoods, surrounding businesses, city staff, and the university community. Efforts included early conversations with diverse stakeholders, a charrette, 2 open community meetings, and an interested parties list for email communication.

Image Redesign for the ASPIRE Program

The ASPIRE program of the Oregon Student Access Commission hired Cogito to redesign their print materials and make videos for the program.  Within a short two month timeframe, Cogito lead a public input process and worked with subcontractors bell+funkand Attic Media to create a new image for the program.  Deliverables included a new logo, brochure, poster, curriculum, and four videos.  

Best Practices for Neighborhood Outreach and Board Governance

Cogito developed and taught best practices for neighborhood boards and commissions for the City of Eugene Neighborhood Services.  Work included facilitating a committee, designing tools and materials, and developing and teaching curriculum over a two year period. Products include a Primer on Working Agreements and Training Resources for neighborhood boards and commissions, as well as Outreach Tools Materials for Neighborhood Organizations.

Salmon River Highway Transportation Demand Management Corridor Plan

ODOT, Lincoln County Transit, the Confederated Tribes of Siletz, and other stakeholders are working together to improve transportation options for tourists, residents, and employees who use the corridor to access recreation, employment, educational and health care opportunities. Cogito is leading the public involvement, which includes interviews, focus groups, and committee meetings.

Downtown Riverfront Master Plan and Land Use

The Eugene Water & Electric Board conducted a master planning process in order to sell a large portion of its riverfront property in downtown Eugene. Cogito involved over a thousand community members in developing a new vision for this property and the final plan was unanimously approved by the EWEB board in June of 2010.  The master plan develops the connection between downtown and the Willamette River, is sensitive to the environment, uses sustainable design strategies, and proposes ways to teach about the river, the history and the city. Cogito is the Public Involvement Manager for prime contractor, Rowell Brokaw Architects.

Eugene City Hall Complex Master Plan

Cogito, formerly T'NT Consultants designed and led a city-wide, comprehensive public involvement process to create a unique vision of Eugene’s most important local civic building—the city hall. Over a 2 ½ year period, we used multiple innovative methods to engage the public in understanding the project's complexities and trade-offs, and were able to represent the input gathered effectively in both the policy and design arenas of master planning. Both the methods employed and the talent of the personnel led the Mayor to hail the work as a model for the city in future efforts. The public involvement process included six large forums, six specialized input groups, presentations at civic groups, and direct interface with the public by staffing a standing display at community events. The project generated an interested parties list of over 1000 individuals who received Project Updates via email. The project included direct recruitment of underrepresented populations, including youth, minorities, and individuals with disabilities. The result was an inclusive conversation that provided for a direct interface between city staff, consultants, elected officials, and the general public. City Hall Complex Public Involvement Final Report.

Santa Clara River Road Outreach and Learning Project

Participants received the City of Eugene "2012 Neighborhood of the Year" based on the positive outcomes of this project. Land use, transportation, governance, and parks, and recreation were the focus of work by a neighborhood group to educate residents and gather input on neighborhood priorities. With the assistance of Cogito, the group conducted outreach to over 500 residents through events, meetings, street displays, and informal conversations.  The outcome of the project was an increase in community networking and creative solutions to service delivery issues. View the website at

West Eugene Wetlands Education Center Master Plan

The City of Eugene employed Cogito, formerly T’NT Consultants to design and implement a public involvement process for the West Eugene Wetlands Partnership. The process included six focus groups and two public meetings to identify key issues regarding the design of an education center. We also used print and interview surveys to evaluate the needs of the community, as well as the barriers to participating in education programs for Title One schools in the Bethel and 4J School Districts. Sharing the concept designs and listening to the concerns of adjacent property owners was another important component of the project. The knowledge gained fundamentally altered the way the design team conceived of what was necessary to serve the program vision and site capacity. WEW Final Report. Current info on the project.

Lane Community College
Our charge was to work with a large committee to prioritize and select capital improvement projects to be included in a bond financing measure. First we facilitated the committee to develop inclusive criteria for evaluating projects and assessing alignment with other college policies. We then used a matrix tool to focus discussion and assist with comparison and prioritization. Recommendations evolved in a short amount of time through a process that everyone understood. LCC Final Report.

Rasor Park Mixed Use Center
The City of Eugene asked for guidance in bringing diverse elements of the community together to evaluate next steps in a neighborhood-based land use project in Eugene, Oregon. We recruited a citizen advisory committee, established process and project goals and objectives. We facilitated the committee meetings, after which members issued a unanimous recommendation to the planning commission to move forward with the project planning. In the next phase beginning in September of 2008, we will plan and facilitate design workshops, committee meetings, and neighborhood outreach for project completion. City of Eugene Website on Rasor MUC.

Springfield Schools Site Assessment
A bond measure provided the Springfield School District with funding for two new buildings, and district officials asked for basic site analysis information on three potential school sites. Fischer Consulting provided maps and written assessments of land use and zoning, urban services, traffic and parking, vegetation and soils. 2007.

River Road/Santa Clara Transition Project
A two-year contract with the City of Eugene addressed land use and annexation issues in the River Road and Santa Clara neighborhoods of Eugene. David Reed & Associates contracted with Fischer Consulting to design and manage the public outreach process, including recruiting and administrating a task force of residents, coordinating with City staff, and developing informational materials for the public such as a brochure, maps and website. We conducted eleven public meetings about the future of the neighborhood in a highly charged political environment. Products by Fischer Consulting include: Project Brochure. Public Information Booklet.  Public Involvement Final Report. Project Final Report.