• Public involvement
  • Education and outreach
  • Strategic planning

For each project, we take the time to listen to our clients, understand the core goals of the project, and design a strategy that produces clear results. Our clients appreciate our honesty, creativity, direct communication style, and ability to flex with changing circumstances.  We are certified by the State of Oregon as WBE/ESB.

Involving the public

From large public forums to small focus groups and interactive websites, we design and implement opportunities for productive engagement. We work closely with clients to develop agendas, coordinate project staff, organize logistics, facilitate conversation, record events, and analyze results. A valuable asset is our experience recruiting underrepresented populations, including youth, minorities, low-income, and individuals with disabilities. We are skilled at providing assisted-listening devices, spanish translation, braille, and sign language at public events.

Developing Relationships

Judith Castro, Bi-Lingual Outreach SpecialistWe connect with neighborhood, civic, and non-profit organizations through speaking engagements and individual meetings with leaders. We also organize specialized sessions with those who have relevant experience to identify issues, share information, find common ground, and problem-solve. We build a comprehensive database of individuals interested in the project, with interface to group email programs, mailing lists, and phone lists.

Creating a direct interface

We converse with people in casual settings such as community picnics, public plazas, and street fairs; gathering valuable information on the general public’s views. We are experts at scheduling outreach at diverse locations and developing and staffing project displays. Through informal conversation, we recruit individuals to meetings who would otherwise not attend a civic event.

Gathering the facts

Effective strategy requires an understanding of the big picture and an accurate analysis of the current conditions and resources. Through research, interviews with stakeholders, informal surveys, and scientific opinion polls, we work to help you understand all facets of a project.

Setting priorities and moving forward

From informal citizen committees to boards of high-profile institutions, we provide structure and leadership in guiding groups through strategic planning and decision-making processes. Knowing how to clarify goals, develop priorities, adapt to changing circumstances, build consensus, and make decisions is a key factor in a successful outcome for challenging projects.

Sharing information

We develop strategies and materials to educate the public about issues and projects. Discerning the pivotal information, making it understandable, and designing methods of communicating are our strength. Our team creates presentations, educational workshops, brochures, newsletters, and fact sheets that avoid jargon, convey information clearly, and catch the eye of the public. We develop and implement media strategies to reach a wide audience.